More Irish Online Idiocy – Enterprise Ireland Fund Template Monster Clone?

Something is technically wrong

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I'm always amazed at the silly / insane / nonsensical junk that comes out of some companies and organisations.

Enterprise Ireland seem to be funding a Template Monster clone, which is linked into Digiweb. Why should tax payers be paying for another Eoin Costello project? If it's commercially viable shouldn't it be able to stand on its own two feet? And does the world really need another template monster?
Why would anyone in their right mind pay that kind of money for a such a horrific "design" when so many free site building tools would do as good a job if not better?

Ammado are a very odd business. Judging by what people have been saying this morning it looks like they spammed quite a few bloggers this morning (Justin Mason, Donncha O Caoimh and Damien Mulley that I know of). I have an account with them, so while I thought the email looked dodgy I wasn't going to complain to them formally.

Twitter has been down more than up over the last few days. If anyone wants an invite to jaiku I have a few.. If you want to see what people are blathering about check out (love the name!) which pulls in the latest posts from both jaiku and twitter from an ever growing list of Irish based users.

UPDATE: Justin has blogged about Ammado and also points out that they're signed up to Habeas!

UPDATE 2: Someone from Ammado has posted an "apology" in the comments on Justin's blog. I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging here..

UPDATE 3 - Looks like quite a few people weren't that impressed with being "targetted" by Ammado: Alexia, Maman Poulet, Damien,

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2 Responses to More Irish Online Idiocy – Enterprise Ireland Fund Template Monster Clone?

  1. Grandad May 26, 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    I was going to feel left out here – but I got one from Ammado too 🙂

  2. Robert Synnott May 26, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    What, Jaiku still exists?!

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