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Maybe We’re Too Connected?

I spend a silly amount of time online every week. I’ve got accounts on most of the mainstream social networks (God I hate that term!), as well as twitter, jaiku, loads of fora, mailing lists and of course instant messaging systems. My typical daily routine used to involve checking my email before I’d even had […]

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Jaiku Back Online

After an extended period of downtime, while it was moved onto the Google infrastructure, Jaiku is back online. Ciaran was following the migration’s progress over on Jaiku Invites. They seem to have opened up the invitations, presumably because they’re on a much bigger platform than before and can manage the load, but whether the service […]

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More Irish Online Idiocy – Enterprise Ireland Fund Template Monster Clone?

Image by Irish Typepad via Flickr I’m always amazed at the silly / insane / nonsensical junk that comes out of some companies and organisations. Enterprise Ireland seem to be funding a Template Monster clone, which is linked into Digiweb. Why should tax payers be paying for another Eoin Costello project? If it’s commercially viable […]

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Hellotxt and Jaiku Invites Available

I’ve got a few invites to Hellotxt and Jaiku available if anyone wants them.Hellotxt is a nice little idea. Their description sums it up: HelloTxt is an aggregate of microblogging services through which the user can insert their messages on all main microblogging services in a simply and simultaneous way. Of course the downside to […]

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Twitter’s UI Makes Me Cry

Several months ago I wrote about Twitter. I’ve since started using Jaiku and I really like it. Yes there are server issues from time to time, but the user interface is quite intuitive and you can actually follow a conversation. Twitter really sucks. The user interface is simple. Simply awful! There’s an API. Wow! While […]

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