Misleading Receipts Make Me Sad

I travel quite a bit for work. Along the way I naturally accumulate a mixture of both personal and business expenses. Of course a lot of my travel is booked via the company and paid for using either a company credit card or via one of our suppliers who invoices us directly. So this kind […]

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Back on the Road

Since getting back from Las Vegas in January I haven’t been travelling. I’ve been focussed on moving house and settling in as well as spending time at Blacknight HQ. That all ended Friday. I’m now on the road until the end of the month. 3 trips, 3 weeks, multiple countries. First up is ICANN 58 […]

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Solar Panels Fully Installed and Working

I’ve always been interested in greener living through use of technology. Over the past 30 years solar energy has gone from being something incredibly complicated and expensive, to being much more commonplace and relatively affordable. Sure, it’s still not “cheap”, but you can get a variety of grants from the Irish government if you improve […]

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