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Voting Yes: Savita

I’ve refrained from posting anything here in relation to the upcoming abortion referendum this Friday. However anyone who follows me on any social media platform knows that I will be voting “yes”. I might go into more detail on why I think that voting yes is the right thing to do and why I think […]

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Free Money? Sure Why Not?

Like most people I’ve always had a “love/hate” relationship with my bank. Since taking out a mortgage with them just over a year ago, however, I haven’t been able to complain about their fees anymore, as they’ve been waived. Of course the bank *is* making plenty of money with the mortgage, so it’s not really […]

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Doubling the Herb Garden

While picking up the odd herb plant in a supermarket can help to add one or two varieties to my herb garden it’s not really going to work if I want to really expand the range of herbs I have growing. Supermarkets will generally stock mint, basil and maybe one or two other varieties of […]

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Improving the Herb Garden

Last year I started planting a small herb garden. I’ve no plans to have an elaborate herb garden, but as someone who enjoys cooking I want to have a reasonable selection of commonly used herbs that I can pick (or cut) fresh. I started out last year with some of the more commonly used ones, […]

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La Ruta del Lechón Puerto Rico

One of the things I love about travel is exploring the local cuisine. In some parts of the world that culinary adventure might involve highly refined restaurants, but in other parts of the world it’s much more rustic and down to earth. In Puerto Rico you quickly discover that roast pork is high on the […]

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Old San Juan

I’ve been in San Juan, Puerto Rico for just over a week. However, as I was attending a conference, it was only yesterday that I got the time to get out and explore a bit of the city during daylight hours. The old city is picturesque and fascinating. It’s got a long history going back […]

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Crazy Jaw Dropping Pricing on IE Domains

Finally, after years of having convoluted rules and processes, the .ie ccTLD domain name space will become easier to work with. From March 21st onwards it’ll be WAY easier to register a .ie domain name So with that in mind we’re slashing the price of 1st year .ie registration (and transfers!) to a mere €4.99 […]

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Even Big Companies Screw Up Emails

Transactional emails and marketing emails are a part of my daily life. I get emails from companies I buy things from. Sometimes they’re simply an acknowledgement of my purchase, but others times they’re also giving me a “heads up” in case my account has been compromised. Apple, for example, does this when you download something […]

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