2018 Travel Stats

I love visualising data, so the data I get out of App in the Air is great for me to play around with. 2018 was another busy year for me on the travel front and it’s not over yet. I’ve still got a trip “down under” next weekend. my year in travel (so far)  I’m […]

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The Peruvian Adventure

Earlier this year I got to spend a fabulous week in Peru. While I definitely got to see and do a lot during my week in Peru there are still many many things that I could have done, so I’ll definitely have to go back there at some point in the future. So why Peru? […]

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Andy Serkis Reprises Gollum in Theresa May Parody

Andy Serkis has brought back his version of Gollum in a rather disturbing, yet highly entertaining, parody video of Theresa May. Of course it’s all about Brexit and the “deal” which the UK parliament was meant to be voting on this week.  Here it is: Love it!  Related Posts:Waze in Real LifeAretha Franklin in Blues […]

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Amazon Smile logo

Giving to Charity Without Effort via Amazon

Amazon has been giving shoppers the ability to choose a charity for donations via their “Amazon Smile” program for the last couple of years. The program is available for both the US and UK versions of the site, though the US version has more options and gives you a lot more information about how much […]

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Tacky “Oirish” Junk Taken too far?

Irish Americans are proud of their Irish roots. That is not a bad thing at all. That St Patrick’s Day parades in the US are bigger and more important than any events here in Ireland also isn’t a bad thing. What is, however, a bad thing is some of the ridiculous tat being sold to […]

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don't run with bagpipes. You could put an aye out. Or worse yet, get kilt

Amusing Memes

Some of the  memes doing the rounds at any given time are very amusing. Unfortunately it’s often hard to work out where they originate from. Some are very clever and make interesting use of language and imagery, while others highlight things in a different way. A couple that were doing the round recently brought a […]

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Disabling Push Email in Outlook on iOS

The mobile version of Outlook for iOS (iPhone, iPad) is very usable. In particular I like the way that when you’re creating a meeting or appointment that you can look up the location and pull in the full address. However for some odd reason updates to the software seem to change the settings. While some […]

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Waze in Real Life

Waze, which is now owned by Google, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a mobile app that many drivers use to find their way around. Their tag line is “outsmarting traffic, together” So what if instead of leveraging data the app was actually manned by humans .. this rather amusing Brazilian video shows how […]

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