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Online Shopping Zen (Sort of)

I enjoy shopping online, but it can be quite frustrating to find that some items cost way more in Ireland than they do in the UK, or when a UK site either won’t ship to Ireland or simply charges significantly more to do so. This isn’t a new problem. Anyone who shops online has been […]

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frustrated and exhausted man

Mod_Rewrite Help Needed!!

As I mentioned yesterday I switched this blog over from michele.me to michele.blog. And a BIG thanks is owed to Don and Paolo from the .blog team for helping me get that domain in the first place! The michele.me domain will be used for “other things” in the future, so I am splitting the blog […]

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Switching Over to Michele.blog

As of today this blog has a new web address: michele.blog I’m delighted to have been able to get this domain and excited to be switching over to it. For the past 13+ years I’ve been blogging under /blog on a number of different domains. I started out with mneylon.com, but several years ago I […]

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My flights in 2016 visualised

2016 in Flights

2016 was yet another crazy year for travel for me. I clocked up nearly 250 thousand km over the year! So where the hell was I? This map shows it all: A lot of the flights were to the US, which is fairly normal, as there a lot of events over there. 2016 was also […]

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I Finally Bought a House

As of this afternoon I am a house owner. Or, put another way, I have a mortgage. I’ve been living in rented accommodation since I was 18. In the next few weeks I’ll be moving in to my new house, which will be soon the place I call “home”. The photo above isn’t fantastic and […]

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