OSX Essential Apps – 2018 Edition

For the last few years I’ve been a Mac user and I’ve had a variety of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Years ago the MacBook Pro was a wonderful device, but it was bloody heavy. Lugging a MacBook Pro around meant that you got a bit of a workout, so I switched to the Air. […]

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The Internet Really is Full of Cats

The last few months my day job has been filled with GDPR related “stuff”. While I enjoy what I do I’ve been buried in paperwork, so a bit of pure escapism and something that brings a smile to my face is always welcome. Cats can do that. This video from the 2018 America’s Got Talent […]

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American Chopper Meets GDPR

There’s quite a few memes doing the rounds about the insane volume of emails from companies and services in relation to GDPR. This, however, is one of the more entertaining and pretty much sums up how a lot of people feel:   GDPR at American Chopper   Related Posts:Things to do on Valentine’s Day if […]

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Ireland Voted Yes

Friday last Ireland went to the polls. I voted on my way into work, as did several of my staff. Others went during their lunch break or after work. The reports came in from around the country – polling was pretty high, but around 6pm the numbers dropped off instead of rising. Polls closed at […]

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Voting Yes: Savita

I’ve refrained from posting anything here in relation to the upcoming abortion referendum this Friday. However anyone who follows me on any social media platform knows that I will be voting “yes”. I might go into more detail on why I think that voting yes is the right thing to do and why I think […]

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Free Money? Sure Why Not?

Like most people I’ve always had a “love/hate” relationship with my bank. Since taking out a mortgage with them just over a year ago, however, I haven’t been able to complain about their fees anymore, as they’ve been waived. Of course the bank *is* making plenty of money with the mortgage, so it’s not really […]

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Doubling the Herb Garden

While picking up the odd herb plant in a supermarket can help to add one or two varieties to my herb garden it’s not really going to work if I want to really expand the range of herbs I have growing. Supermarkets will generally stock mint, basil and maybe one or two other varieties of […]

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Improving the Herb Garden

Last year I started planting a small herb garden. I’ve no plans to have an elaborate herb garden, but as someone who enjoys cooking I want to have a reasonable selection of commonly used herbs that I can pick (or cut) fresh. I started out last year with some of the more commonly used ones, […]

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