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Relaunching and Revamping IWF

For the past year or so the forum over at IrishWebmasterForum.com has been offline. There’s a multitude of reasons why it ended being taken offline, but basically I didn’t have enough time or energy to move it to a better platform and actively maintain it. I probably still don’t have a lot of free time […]

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Eircode vs UK Postcodes

Eircode has launched as Ireland’s official postcode system.. A LOT has been written about the issues with how it’s been rolled out, including some rather “impressive” faux pas like sending Eircodes to dead people .. However one of the things that I was curious about was the lookup system. The Eircode website offers a lookup […]

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The Upside To Living In A Small Town

I’ve lived in Carlow for the past 12 years. Prior to moving to Carlow I was living for about 3 years in Milan. Milan is a big city. Carlow is a small town. The contrasts between the two are huge. While I sometimes regret moving to a small provincial Irish town, it’s not without its upside. […]

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Counting Down To .Irish Launch

In a few days time the .irish top level domain name will be available to the public. From June 25th they’ll be open for registration on a “first come, first served” basis, though you can currently pre-order during landrush. It’s going to be interesting to see who registers one and how they end up using […]

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Voting No #MarRef

Friday May 22nd 2015 Ireland goes to the polls. I’ve posted about the referendum a couple of times in the past few weeks, both on a personal blog and on the company blog. My position on this referendum is 100% clear. This video from the “yes” campaign sums up the feelings of a lot of […]

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