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Maybe It’s Time To “Cull” My T-Shirts

I wear t-shirts most of the time. I sometimes wear shirts, but I’m generally more comfortable in t-shirts. So over the years I’ve amassed quite a large number of geeky, funny, weird t-shirts, as well as a reasonable number of t-shirts from specific events. While some of the t-shirts are fun / cool. Others are […]

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mellow birds

Mellow Birds

Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve probably heard of “Angry Birds” at this stage.. Meet “Mellow Birds”: And you can get the t-shirt here! (I’ll be ordering mine later today I think) Related Posts:More Fun Social Media TshirtsSocial Media TshirtWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsLast Exit To Nowhere SalePrancing Pony Tshirt

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So Which Theme Is Best?

I’m currently trying to decide which WordPress theme to use on here. I’ve been playing around with some of the premium ones from Woothemes and Elegant Themes, but I’m not sure which one to settle on 🙁 (I’m also trying to work out why some pages are being redirected to the wrong place.. ) Related […]

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More Fun Social Media Tshirts

Despair have released a new social media inspired tshirt and updated one of their existing designs. Both tshirt designs are obviously influenced by FourSquare, so here they are: And the updated social media Venn diagram … More info on their site – and yes, I ordered both already! Related Posts:More Despair.com TshirtsMellow BirdsPolitically Incorrect Tshirt […]

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Social Media Tshirt

You gotta love the guys in Despair.com (I know my CC doesn’t.. ) Whoever comes up with their designs is a genius, though possibly a bit unhinged (in a good way) Their latest batch of cool designs includes this beauty: I think I’ll wait until I get back from Rome before splashing out on it […]

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Irish Political Party Plagiarise BBC But Think They’re Cool

The BBC have a serious online presence which probably costs them a fortune to maintain every year. None of the Irish political parties have an online presence that comes anywhere near it (and you wouldn’t really expect them to either… ) But when an Irish political party blatantly rips off the BBC’s design and thinks […]

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Stamps.ie Reloaded

Stamps.ie, which I mentioned recently, has been given a facelift by the very talented James Larkin in Forbairt Media It’s looking a lot better than the previous incarnation! Related Posts:US Post Office Star Wars SetRoyal Mail Celebrate James BondMaybe It’s Time To “Cull” My T-ShirtsMellow BirdsSo Which Theme Is Best?

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Godin Gets To The Point

I’ve been a fan of Seth Godin’s writings for quite some time, so I was delighted when my copy of The Big Red Fez arrived a couple of days ago. In common with some of Godin’s other books, The Big Red Fez is not a hefty volume with tiny print. It’s just over 100 pages […]

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