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Food Porn Withdrawal?

I travel a lot and when I travel I tend to post photos of the food I eat. So while some people might get annoyed by their social streams filling up with photos of my various gastronomic adventures, some of them miss them when I’m not on the road: I usually post to my Instagram account […]

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Air France Surprise and Delight Me Via Twitter

I fly with Air France and other airlines that are part of the SkyTeam alliance. I like Air France, but sometimes they screwup. And when they do and you’re on the receiving end of the screwup it can be really really frustrating. However they have been really doing a fantastic job with handling customer service […]

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I’ll be reading Gary Vee’s new book over the next few days. I ordered it months ago so I’ve been looking forward to it .. Related Posts:Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterFood Porn Withdrawal?Gary Vaynerchuk At Web SummitSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via Intel

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Free License To Quote

The tweet says it all Dear Pro-Choicers outside the Dáil, this tweet contains my full approval to use all the Father Ted references you want #xcase — Graham Linehan (@Glinner) July 10, 2013 Related Posts:Jim Jefferies : This is me now12 Days of Christmas an Irish Comedian’s TakeFixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook […]

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Tongue In Cheek Marketing

James and I throw ideas backwards and forwards a lot. Generally speaking, however, he knows what I’ll like and what I’ll hate. This week he came up with a couple of very nice images for two very different things. One is for a talk I’m giving at a conference later this month. I’ll be talking […]

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What About Me? Visualisation generated by Intel

Visualising Social Via Intel

Intel have done a few interesting things with social media in the past. One of their tools does an interesting job of sucking in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and generating a visualisation or infographic of your personal social media activity. Whether it’s a reflection of you or not will probably depend on how much you […]

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