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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin in Blues Brothers

Probably the best way to remember Aretha Franklin is with her music. Here she is doing a fantastic rendition of “Think” in the classic film “Blues Brothers” She might be gone, but her music will live on. Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamBeardyman SuperMarketMuppets Revive Queen?A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?

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Original 1227 Brass Maxi Pendant - Jet Black - reduced

Lighting Inspiration Wanted

I’ve been in my house now for about 18 months. Of course there are still things I need to do, but for the most part there’s nothing “pressing”.  One thing, however, has been bugging me a little. Lighting. While I sorted out the lighting in the main areas of the house fairly quickly, I’ve still […]

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Enjoying Vintage Steam in Stradbally

This weekend was a bank holiday and the weather was pretty good, if a little overcast. So I thought I’d head over to Stradbally to the annual steam rally. The event runs over two days and is held in fields outside Stradbally.  And I took my camera (no, not my phone camera – an actual […]

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Show Me the Money!!

The famous scene from Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr always brings a smile to my face. I’m not as focussed on making money as Cuba Gooding Jr’s character in Jerry Maguire, but I don’t work for free or do things that benefit others unilaterally. I’ve been blogging and running websites for […]

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Eircode vs UK Postcodes

Eircode has launched as Ireland’s official postcode system.. A LOT has been written about the issues with how it’s been rolled out, including some rather “impressive” faux pas like sending Eircodes to dead people .. However one of the things that I was curious about was the lookup system. The Eircode website offers a lookup […]

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Maybe It’s Time To “Cull” My T-Shirts

I wear t-shirts most of the time. I sometimes wear shirts, but I’m generally more comfortable in t-shirts. So over the years I’ve amassed quite a large number of geeky, funny, weird t-shirts, as well as a reasonable number of t-shirts from specific events. While some of the t-shirts are fun / cool. Others are […]

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AIB Irony

AIB is one of Ireland’s largest banks. I use it for my personal banking, while the company also uses them for pretty much everything. I’ve had my issues with them in the past. Most recently their rather “nutty” handling of phone calls has really peeved me. You can read more about this here. Short version […]

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AIB Take Logic To New Low

Both my personal and business credit cards are with AIB. From time to time credit card services need to contact me. Unfortunately a lot of the calls I get from them and other parts of the bank come from a blocked number ie. I cannot see who is calling me when I answer the call […]

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