So When Will Google Plus Have An API?

Google Plus

Google Plus

I'm usually not that much of an API fanboy, but in the case of social networks I really feel that they need one.

If you're active on several social networks then being able to share content to more than one of them at a time is kind of important and being able to do so without having to login to each and everyone of them is useful.

Of course if you cross-post ALL your content between ALL the social networks you are either very stupid or don't post that often, as you'll probably annoy quite a few of the people that are connected to you across more than one network.

So with the launch of Google Plus there's definitely a need for them to provide some form of API - if only to allow people to manage updates etc.,

Though I suspect a lot of what Google is trying to do is to get us all to be permanently logged in .. .. (Now if they fixed the multiple accounts issues that might be feasible .. )

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2 Responses to So When Will Google Plus Have An API?

  1. Keith Gaughan July 10, 2011 at 11:50 pm #

    They *do* have an “API”, it’s just it’s currently read-only: they publish feeds of everything. As well as that, it’s quite likely that they’ll use Pubsubhubbub for pulling stuff from sources that support it. It’s not implausible that much of Google+’s functionality will be exposed using AtomPub, given part of the push behind the service is to provide a more open equivalent of FB, or at least to force FB to become open.

  2. tom July 11, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Feel at the moment facebook is a wilderness I had 4000 friends on my DJ profile none of which related to my IT business in anyway

    Really think social pools of certain community’s are the future. Like facebook but the ICT only..

    Problem is there is so much choice in social networks people are fed up of them,

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