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Waze in Real Life

Waze, which is now owned by Google, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a mobile app that many drivers use to find their way around. Their tag line is “outsmarting traffic, together” So what if instead of leveraging data the app was actually manned by humans .. this rather amusing Brazilian video shows how […]

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Big Companies Trying To Monopolise .blog, .cloud and more

ICANN is currently evaluating a couple of thousand applications for new top level domains. Most of the applications are for new and interesting domain extensions (the bit on the right of the dot) that will provide greater consumer choice and foster competition. Unfortunately a smaller subset is from a companies that believe they have special […]

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XKCD's ContextBot comic

If Social Media Updates Had Context

Sometimes people, including me, post things on social networks that don’t make a lot of sense as they lack context. XKCD’s recent comic:   Related Posts:Will Google+ (Plus) Finally Be Google’s Social Media Success Story?Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via IntelBuffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets […]

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Does Google Dislike The English?

From the “weird and disturbing” category comes today’s “gem”. At the moment if you type the following query into Google you will get some rather “interesting” results: what defines an english person And here’s a screenshot of the results (click to enlarge): NB: I didn’t manipulate this. Found via James Related Posts:Adding a bit of […]

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Check Your Google Map Listing

While looking for hotels I often turn to Google maps so that I can find hotels close to my destination. I’m currently planning a trip to Paris for Christmas, so I’m looking for hotels close to my aunt’s apartment. It looks like the owners of some hotels aren’t keeping an eye on Google maps, as […]

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Google’s Pharmacy Faux Pas Results In Lawsuit

The US government doesn’t take to kindly to companies that facilitate advertising of illegal drugs. And by “illegal drugs” in this context I mean prescription ones. Google these days is a “good citizen” and is actively involved in a lot of DNS abuse circles including initiatives to stop the sale of prescription drugs across borders. […]

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So When Will Google Plus Have An API?

I’m usually not that much of an API fanboy, but in the case of social networks I really feel that they need one. If you’re active on several social networks then being able to share content to more than one of them at a time is kind of important and being able to do so […]

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