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devil angel businessman choice between good and evil

Choices, Choices, Choices

Buying my house took a couple of months between mortgages, paperwork for different things and then, of course, the lawyers getting involved. So I had plenty of time before I got the keys to think about what I wanted to do with the house or, more precisely, how I wanted to do things. I fired […]

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Food Porn Withdrawal?

I travel a lot and when I travel I tend to post photos of the food I eat. So while some people might get annoyed by their social streams filling up with photos of my various gastronomic adventures, some of them miss them when I’m not on the road: I usually post to my Instagram account […]

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I’ll be reading Gary Vee’s new book over the next few days. I ordered it months ago so I’ve been looking forward to it .. Related Posts:Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterFood Porn Withdrawal?Gary Vaynerchuk At Web SummitSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via Intel

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Guinness Think We’re All Dumb?

Corporate Facebook pages and Twitter accounts can be interesting to follow. Some of them share useful information, others keep you up to date on various promotions and news. But some are almost offensive in the way they interact with the public Guinness Ireland’s Facebook page, for example, posted this update before the weekend: Yes, it […]

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Tongue In Cheek Marketing

James and I throw ideas backwards and forwards a lot. Generally speaking, however, he knows what I’ll like and what I’ll hate. This week he came up with a couple of very nice images for two very different things. One is for a talk I’m giving at a conference later this month. I’ll be talking […]

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Which iPad Apps For My Mother?

I’ve given my mother my old iPad (wifi model) as I got myself an iPad mini. So far it’s got Flipboard, Facebook and a couple of other apps on it, but I really don’t know what else I should install for her. What would you recommend? Related Posts:Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of SanityNetflix Ireland […]

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first kiss facebook

Playing With Facebook Timeline Options

I quite like the Facebook timeline. It’s got its uses for both people and business pages. However some of the options on it strike me as a little odd – especially if you’re filling in your “past life” ie. pre-Facebook activity. Do people actually share pre-Facebook relationship information? I’m not sure I’d be overly comfortable […]

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