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Tongue In Cheek Marketing

James and I throw ideas backwards and forwards a lot. Generally speaking, however, he knows what I’ll like and what I’ll hate. This week he came up with a couple of very nice images for two very different things. One is for a talk I’m giving at a conference later this month. I’ll be talking […]

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Posterous Dies – Posts Imported

With Posterous being shut down – supposedly yesterday – I have imported all the posts from my Posterous account into this site. You won’t notice the posts unless you peruse the archives, but they’re there .. They also look a bit odd, but I thought it best to preserve them somehow.. even if it did […]

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first kiss facebook

Playing With Facebook Timeline Options

I quite like the Facebook timeline. It’s got its uses for both people and business pages. However some of the options on it strike me as a little odd – especially if you’re filling in your “past life” ie. pre-Facebook activity. Do people actually share pre-Facebook relationship information? I’m not sure I’d be overly comfortable […]

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XKCD's ContextBot comic

If Social Media Updates Had Context

Sometimes people, including me, post things on social networks that don’t make a lot of sense as they lack context. XKCD’s recent comic:   Related Posts:Will Google+ (Plus) Finally Be Google’s Social Media Success Story?Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via IntelBuffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets […]

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What About Me? Visualisation generated by Intel

Visualising Social Via Intel

Intel have done a few interesting things with social media in the past. One of their tools does an interesting job of sucking in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and generating a visualisation or infographic of your personal social media activity. Whether it’s a reflection of you or not will probably depend on how much you […]

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Buffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets Easy

There are a lot of services and tools that you can use with your Twitter account(s). Some of them are incredibly useful, some are fun and some are simply odd. Buffer App isn’t designed to solve all your social media needs, but what it is designed to do, it does well. What does it do? […]

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Why I Value LinkedIn Endorsements

I’ve been a member of LinkedIn for several years. I’m connected to people I’ve dealt with in a variety of roles. Some of the people I know very well, others might only be casual acquaintances. However I have some kind of “link” or “connection” with pretty much all of them. I won’t connect to people […]

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