Montenegro Here I Come!

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While I've travelled quite a lot over the last couple of years it's mainly been for work. Sure, I do manage to peg on the odd extra day and get to see some of the touristy things etc., etc., but they're not really holidays.

So on Wednesday morning I'll be heading off for about a week on an actual holiday to Montenegro!

Getting there is going to be quite painful, as there aren't any direct flights from Ireland to either Tivat or Podgorica. So I get to do:

Dublin > Paris > Belgrade > Tivat

The funny thing is I'll have to do it all over again in September when I go back for Webfest 🙂

I loved Montenegro the first time I was there for the .me registry event last year and I've wanted to go back ever since.

This time round I'll be staying in a hotel close to Budva, but not actually in Budva (I really need to check where it is on the map again!)

The weather here in Ireland is pretty grim this year with heavy rain and general nastiness, so going to the Adriatic can only be an improvement.

Plans for the week are pretty simple - be a tourist and take lots of photos, eat nice food and hopefully swim.

Hopefully I'll have data when roaming, as I didn't when I was there last year. Though, having said that, not having access to the internet on my mobile for a few days wouldn't be such a bad thing. However I'd still like to have it.

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