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Montenegro From The Air

I’ve been to Montenegro several times over the last few years and I’m always struck by the beauty of the place. This video does a good job of capturing some of it: Unfortunately there aren’t any direct flights from Ireland, but it’s relatively easy to get there via Dubrovnik, London or Paris. Related Posts:Montenegro Here […]

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#MEDay Hero

Today might be St Patrick’s Day, but yesterday was “ME Day” I’ve always liked the .me domain name. It just makes sense! So yesterday afternoon I attended their “bash” across the street from the Austin Convention Centre and the Hilton in downtown Austin. The event, which was sponsored by Domain.com, was part of the #SXSW […]

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Webfest 2012

This week I’m at Webfest in Montenegro We’re now into day two of the event with speakers hailing from all over the Balkans, the US and elsewhere. The lineup is pretty diverse and it’s very energetic. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to record a couple of interviews with some of the speakers for the technology.ie […]

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Freshly squeezed juice cocktail in Budva

Breakfast in Budva

After spending a couple of days at the Avala in Budva I moved to a much smaller and less modern ” hotel”. Since it doesn’t have any facilities beyond a bed and a toilet I’ve been discovering what Budva has to offer in the way of breakfast etc., The Hemingway cafe and bar, just off […]

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