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La Ruta del Lechón Puerto Rico

One of the things I love about travel is exploring the local cuisine. In some parts of the world that culinary adventure might involve highly refined restaurants, but in other parts of the world it’s much more rustic and down to earth. In Puerto Rico you quickly discover that roast pork is high on the […]

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Old San Juan

I’ve been in San Juan, Puerto Rico for just over a week. However, as I was attending a conference, it was only yesterday that I got the time to get out and explore a bit of the city during daylight hours. The old city is picturesque and fascinating. It’s got a long history going back […]

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2017 Flights Animated (Video)

I logged quite a few flights during 2017, though less than other years. I posted a static image of my flights during 2017 recently, so here’s a slightly more interested animated version from App in the Air: It looks pretty cool and seems to be in the right order, which is both cool and kind […]

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2017 flights visualised

2017 Travel

While I did clock up a lot of travel over the course of 2017, it was a quieter year overall. Of course “quiet” is relative. Here’s a visual overview of my travel in 2017: Since I tend to fly mostly with Air France / KLM a lot of my flights get routed either through Paris […]

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Back on the Road

Since getting back from Las Vegas in January I haven’t been travelling. I’ve been focussed on moving house and settling in as well as spending time at Blacknight HQ. That all ended Friday. I’m now on the road until the end of the month. 3 trips, 3 weeks, multiple countries. First up is ICANN 58 […]

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My flights in 2016 visualised

2016 in Flights

2016 was yet another crazy year for travel for me. I clocked up nearly 250 thousand km over the year! So where the hell was I? This map shows it all: A lot of the flights were to the US, which is fairly normal, as there a lot of events over there. 2016 was also […]

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Montenegro From The Air

I’ve been to Montenegro several times over the last few years and I’m always struck by the beauty of the place. This video does a good job of capturing some of it: Unfortunately there aren’t any direct flights from Ireland, but it’s relatively easy to get there via Dubrovnik, London or Paris. Related Posts:Montenegro Here […]

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