Check Your Google Map Listing

While looking for hotels I often turn to Google maps so that I can find hotels close to my destination. I'm currently planning a trip to Paris for Christmas, so I'm looking for hotels close to my aunt's apartment.

It looks like the owners of some hotels aren't keeping an eye on Google maps, as this is what I'm seeing beside a hotel I know to be open:

If you bother going to the full "places" page for the hotel you have the option to correct the listing, but it's kind of scary that:

  • somebody was able to flag the hotel as being closed
  • the hotelier didn't notice

I'm not sure what method Google uses to check if a venue is closed or not, but you'd have to wonder how much revenue a hotel would lose if the first result for it flags it as being"permanently closed".

So if your business is listed on Google maps (places) then maybe you should check your listing from time to time to make sure that a competitor hasn't shut you down!

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