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Unless you’ve been hiding offline for the last few days you’re probably aware of the Heartbleed vulnerability with OpenSSL.. XKCD of course has a slightly different take 🙂     Related Posts:Making Legacy Home Security Setups a bit Smarter With KonnectedIf Social Media Updates Had ContextOnline Reviews And ShoppingNasty Hacks Hijack Your Site’s TrafficWireless And […]

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Nasty Hacks Hijack Your Site’s Traffic

Any popular content management system, be it for a blog, a website or a forum, is going to be targetted by hackers at some point. They’ll try to find ways to exploit any security vulnerability that they can find. To be honest you could expand that statement and simply say “any popular software”. If the […]

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Wireless And Web Based Security Systems?

After my recent “incident” I’m going to be installing some kind of burglar alarm and possibly some cameras. There are quite a lot of different solutions on the market, but I’m really not sure what to go for. Ideally I’d like an alarm system that is loud ie. set it off and your ears are […]

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TimThumb Updated To Version 2

Just a headsup if you’re using a theme that uses TimThumb. Due to all the security issues with the plugin / script (it’s a single file) the developers issued a number of updates over the last few days which culminated in the release of version 2. You should also update the file in any themes […]

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Hack Eire and Irish CERT Conference

I hate paying to attend events. More often than not the organisers use the event as a “money spinner” and attendees get very little value from it. So it’s nice to see that another event is taking place next month which is going to be free to attend and promises to be interesting. IRISS-CERT’s Annual […]

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Which Mac OSX Antivirus?

While Macs are a lot less likely to get targetted by viruses there are still some viruses “in the wild” that target them. So which antivirus software should I be using? Which is the best? Which is the worst? Why is one better (or worse) than another? I’m not concerned about costs, but I am […]

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Scaremongering Stupidity

At some time in the last couple of months an Irish website got hacked and its member database was stolen. The database contained email addresses and the associated passwords to login to the website. The list of email addresses and these passwords was published on a website which has since been taken offline (though you […]

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Microsoft Ireland Defaced

High profile websites are always going to attract attention and Microsoft Ireland is no different. The main page of the Irish branch of Microsoft was defaced earlier this morning. See screenshot below (courtesy of CJB): Related Posts:Hack Any Wordpress Blogs Lately?Making Legacy Home Security Setups a bit Smarter With KonnectedOSX Essential Apps 2015 – 2016 […]

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