Snow Kills Off Ireland

Snow Covered Cars, originally uploaded by blacknight.

When I lived in Veneto you were used to snow. Over there it was normal. People had winter tyres and / or chains. Veneto didn't come grinding to a halt when there was a bit of snow.

How about Ireland?

Well Ireland does come to a grinding halt.

The short trip from the office to the house this evening was horrendous. Trying to drive when you have zero traction is not "fun". Losing control completely for a few seconds on black ice is scary.

So how long will this last?

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One Response to Snow Kills Off Ireland

  1. NiallOK January 7, 2010 at 5:16 am #

    It’s not like we’ve never gotten snow here though (remember ‘snow watch!’ on The Den, years ago?) – you’d think we could be a WEE bit more prepared these days!
    FM104’s Adrian Kennedy Phone Show (no, I’m not a regular listener) was unusual last night in that the presenters couldn’t get out of their homes and so had to present the show over the phone lines from their homes. It sounded woeful and I thought that was a hilarious indicator of how badly prepared just one company was for such an eventuality. What’s the betting that Kennedy will get an ISDN line installed in his home now just in case it happens again!

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