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I Finally Bought a House

As of this afternoon I am a house owner. Or, put another way, I have a mortgage. I’ve been living in rented accommodation since I was 18. In the next few weeks I’ll be moving in to my new house, which will be soon the place I call “home”. The photo above isn’t fantastic and […]

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Omniplex Carlow Official Opening

I don’t often get invited to official openings and launch events. So getting invited to the opening of the new cinema in Carlow was nice. Combine that with the screening of Jurassic World and it was impossible to pass it up. So last night a few of us headed over to the Omniplex in Carlow, […]

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Halfords’ Marketing Is A Tad Clueless

Spotted earlier today outside the Halfords in Carlow: Dear Halfords, While I’m sure your pricing is competitive, Carlow is a town in Ireland. Ireland is not part of the UK and hasn’t been for quite some time. On a more serious note. If you’re doing business internationally you need to be aware of cultural and […]

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Carlow vs Los Angeles Weather

Over the last couple of weeks the weather here in Carlow has been uncharacteristically warm. However that all changed in the last couple of days. It’s been raining and drizzling for the last couple of days, which is rather annoying, as it’s a long weekend. I’m heading off to Los Angeles towards the end of […]

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Carlow’s Dolmen

I grew up on the west coast of Ireland only a few miles from the Burren region. It’s a beautiful part of the world and has a lot of history. Nowadays I live in Carlow, which is in the southeast of Ireland. It too has history, but even though I’ve been living here for 10 […]

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