Rediscovering My IRiver

I've had an iRiver H340 for a few years. I think I picked mine up a few months before iRiver stopped making them. I used it on and off for a couple of years, but for the last year or more it's been gathering dust. I used to watch films when travelling so I didn't really listen to music, but between Netflix, iTunes and the cinema there's less and less that I want to watch on flights and I'm probably a lot happier listening to a bit of music.

So I decided to "dust off" the iRiver..

It turns out that if you leave an iRiver for too long the battery gets completely drained (no surprise). What was a surprise was that it got so drained that it simply would not charge over USB. And of course I'd misplaced the mains charger a long time ago. So I had to go off and buy a replacement on eBay.

Once the iRiver was charged up I was able to rediscover its contents - a mixed bunch of movie soundtracks and a quite random selection of other albums.

Of course it's been so long since I actively used the iRiver that I now face an interesting problem. Since I now uses Macs everywhere I'll have to rip any music I want to listen to on the iRiver all over again, as it doesn't support the iTunes / Mac format - it simply can't see it.

So now I have to find a sane tool for ripping audio onto the Mac ... now if I could rip to ogg format I'd be delighted!

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