Irish Politics Needs To Be Less About The Party And More About The Country

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The title kind of sums it up.

Listening to two Irish politicians squabbling on the radio the other day it really struck me. Instead of trying to move forward and actually solve issues most of the politicians seem to be more interested in taking potshots at each other's parties.

It makes me sick.

Instead of trying to work together in the country's best interests, they're more interested in comparing each other's track records.

How does that help anyone?

Sure, having different parties and a strong opposition etc., etc., are good for democracy, but the petty squabbling and constant harping on about past mistakes is a waste of energy.

Were mistakes made? Yes.

Do we need to be constantly reminded of them? No.

And I'm intentionally not mentioning any political parties or individuals as I feel that they're pretty much all doing the same thing.

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