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Relaunching and Revamping IWF

For the past year or so the forum over at IrishWebmasterForum.com has been offline. There’s a multitude of reasons why it ended being taken offline, but basically I didn’t have enough time or energy to move it to a better platform and actively maintain it. I probably still don’t have a lot of free time […]

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ProdiJIG The Revolution

This looks like it’ll be very cool. Nicely produced “trailer” video for the production as well. So where on earth is ProdiJIG’s official website? I could find their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but if they’ve got an official website I can’t find it 🙁 The show will be on at Cork’s Opera House in July. […]

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The Upside To Living In A Small Town

I’ve lived in Carlow for the past 12 years. Prior to moving to Carlow I was living for about 3 years in Milan. Milan is a big city. Carlow is a small town. The contrasts between the two are huge. While I sometimes regret moving to a small provincial Irish town, it’s not without its upside. […]

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AIB Irony

AIB is one of Ireland’s largest banks. I use it for my personal banking, while the company also uses them for pretty much everything. I’ve had my issues with them in the past. Most recently their rather “nutty” handling of phone calls has really peeved me. You can read more about this here. Short version […]

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An Odd Amount of Media Coverage

For some odd reason both myself and the company have been getting quite a bit of media attention and coverage. Sunday’s Sunday Times (Irish edition) had a profile piece on me and the company. It’s not available online so I’ve uploaded a scan here. Today’s Irish Times has a piece on the 20th anniversary of […]

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