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Outlook On iOS

The mail app that ships with iOS is pretty good. It does what I need ie. let’s me read, reply and write emails quickly while I’m “on the move” or simply not near a bigger device. Admittedly, like with so many other people, that’s happening more and more. Yes, I still have desktop computers (yes, […]

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Saying Thanks Is Good!

A simple “thanks” can go a long way to making an online interaction that little bit smoother. I’ve started posting the odd review of various venues on TripAdvisor and one of the things that’s really fascinated and impressed me is their emails. Every time you post a review you get a nice little “thank you” […]

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Scaremongering Stupidity

At some time in the last couple of months an Irish website got hacked and its member database was stolen. The database contained email addresses and the associated passwords to login to the website. The list of email addresses and these passwords was published on a website which has since been taken offline (though you […]

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Irish Political Party Plagiarise BBC But Think They’re Cool

The BBC have a serious online presence which probably costs them a fortune to maintain every year. None of the Irish political parties have an online presence that comes anywhere near it (and you wouldn’t really expect them to either… ) But when an Irish political party blatantly rips off the BBC’s design and thinks […]

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Before You Hit Send

I send and receive a lot of email (I’ve mentioned this more than once in the past). In order for an email to catch my attention it needs to be engaging at some level. It doesn’t need to be an artistic masterpiece, but something clear and engaging. Yet again today I got an email which […]

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Get My Name Right!

Image via Wikipedia Ok. Yes. I do have a rather “odd” first name. It’s not common in this country. It is, however, very common in Italy. Now I know that people have problems with my name and I am also very aware of the fact that most people can’t pronounce it correctly. The doesn’t really […]

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