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Free Money? Sure Why Not?

Like most people I’ve always had a “love/hate” relationship with my bank. Since taking out a mortgage with them just over a year ago, however, I haven’t been able to complain about their fees anymore, as they’ve been waived. Of course the bank *is* making plenty of money with the mortgage, so it’s not really […]

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Doubling the Herb Garden

While picking up the odd herb plant in a supermarket can help to add one or two varieties to my herb garden it’s not really going to work if I want to really expand the range of herbs I have growing. Supermarkets will generally stock mint, basil and maybe one or two other varieties of […]

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Improving the Herb Garden

Last year I started planting a small herb garden. I’ve no plans to have an elaborate herb garden, but as someone who enjoys cooking I want to have a reasonable selection of commonly used herbs that I can pick (or cut) fresh. I started out last year with some of the more commonly used ones, […]

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