Todaynic – The Spamming Registrar – Wants Me To Change My Post

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I have little or no patience for spammers, as most people know.

Since I run several sites that deal with domains and the internet industry in general I seem to have been targetted by TodayNic's comment and forum spammers. Over the past year or so I've had to remove multiple spam comment attacks from several sites.

It's annoying. Very annoying.

However it's even more annoying when they have the gall to demand that I remove a post I made last year about their spam.

Considering they're still spamming from what I've seen in the last few weeks I can think of no good reason to remove any posts where I've referred to Todaynic's spam.

Someone claiming to be "Chris" from Todaynic left  a comment on another one of my blogs at around 3am this morning.

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2 Responses to Todaynic – The Spamming Registrar – Wants Me To Change My Post

  1. AlphaCentauri May 27, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    Re: Chris at TodayNIC
    Some of us at have been communicating with him. He’s trying. He needs to learn what is considered appropriate marketing to people outside China. And like most other registrars, shutting down nameservers is much more of a mystery than suspending domain names. See the forum threads at
    Remember that English grammar can be very difficult for Chinese speakers. Chinese doesn’t use dependent clauses, tenses, plurals, or conjugations either at all or as much as English does. (And there is no Chinese word for “spam,” since Chinese recipients are likely to be complimented by such attention from business owners.) Your post to him on the other page may sound something like this to him (run through babelfish to simplified Chinese and back):
    “Therefore you want me to edit my article about yours and I edits transmission similar news other stands which to many news group this’s company? Why should I make that? Your company still transmitted the similar news to many news groups. I round trip comment from several stand nearly 2-3 weeks except the transmission similar news to many news groups, so my honestly don’ t thought that you changed your tactic. Certainly, each time I will obtain transmit the similar news I to write now to many news groups by yours company about it and a person give your commentary.” So anything we expect him to understand should be in simple declarative sentences that translate more easily.
    Clearly, TodayNIC is on a steep learning curve. I don’t know what type of pressure may be on Chinese registrars to improve their images, as even the notorious Xin Net has started to suspend some domains, but in fairness, we were getting responses from Chris long before this recent flurry of activity, and he’s doing better than a lot of the English speaking companies we also report to. We’ll be continuing to communicate with TodayNIC about domains and nameservers to see if they can improve their current 20% response rate.
    To Chris: Do not talk about business services on news groups. That is spam. You must pay for advertising.

  2. Chris Cheng September 24, 2008 at 2:53 am #

    Dear Michele,
    After trying, i finnally realized our mistake on spams before.
    In China, forum allows people to post many kinds of articles, and thats the way of Chinese marketing works.
    I talked with someone in yahoo chat room about the online marketing. He said to me, if i send something ADs, that is spam, we have to pay for the ADs. And if we want to do it free, we can put all of our infos into our signature.
    Then we switched our behavious in forums. Now we only chat in the forum, adn leave all ads into my signature. Since we dont spam, i hope some forum could not to ban us.
    Thank you and hope you can see our changes through our marketing.
    Thank you

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