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Blocking and Culling Spammers On Vbulletin

Pretty much any site that has “user generated content” will be abused by spammers. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. in many respects it’s like a war. The software vendors tweak and improve their software to stop spammers, but the spammers find new ways of getting around them. Vbulletin has several options in a base […]

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Defining A Blog Comment Policy

One of the things I’ve always loved about blogs and blogging is the discussion and debates that go on in the comments section. While it can be a bit daunting to keep up with some blogs’ comments due to the sheer volume that isn’t an issue I normally have to deal with.. though it wouldn’t […]

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Kantar Media Spamming Social Media Award Nominees

I hate spammers. Anyone who resorts to spamming obviously doesn’t have enough skill to market successfully using acceptable methods.It’s that simple. Yesterday afternoon I was spammed by Kantar Media – seemingly because I was “nominated for an award” (We were shortlisted for several and won one, but since spammers are incredibly lazy this lack of […]

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Irish Political Party Plagiarise BBC But Think They’re Cool

The BBC have a serious online presence which probably costs them a fortune to maintain every year. None of the Irish political parties have an online presence that comes anywhere near it (and you wouldn’t really expect them to either… ) But when an Irish political party blatantly rips off the BBC’s design and thinks […]

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Bido Spam Bloggers Requesting Reviews

Remember Bido spamming people on DNForum? Well they’ve also decided it would be a “good idea” to spam bloggers asking for a review. *sigh* I get a lot of email to both my personal and work email addresses every single day, so sometimes I don’t spot an email immediately. Since it’s a Saturday I decided […]

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How Not To Market – Bido Spam DNForum

Spammers annoy the life out of me. Lazy and ignorant they always seem to find some way of “explaining” their (mis)behaviour Bido, who are relaunching this week, thought it would be a great idea to spam the entire membership of DNForum Grr! Related Posts:Bido Spam Bloggers Requesting ReviewsMonster Spammer Tries To Remove EvidenceMonster’s Irish Office […]

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Minor Comments Policy Change

Image via Wikipedia I’ve made a minor change to my comment policy. As of today comments will remain open on posts for 300 days. It was previously set at 180 days. Related Posts:Minor Change To Comments PolicyOfficial Google Blogs Now Accepting CommentsComments You Shouldn’t PublishBlogging For Dummies – Check Your CommentsSwitching Over to Michele.blog

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