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#MEDay Hero

Today might be St Patrick’s Day, but yesterday was “ME Day” I’ve always liked the .me domain name. It just makes sense! So yesterday afternoon I attended their “bash” across the street from the Austin Convention Centre and the Hilton in downtown Austin. The event, which was sponsored by Domain.com, was part of the #SXSW […]

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A rather big award!

On Friday night I was awarded with the overall Net Visionary award by the Irish Internet Association. I’m still in a state of shock. Conn shot the entire thing. And yes, the award itself is damn big! Related Posts:Social Media Awards Tonight!Woohoo!More Awards PhotosIIA NetVisionary Voting OpensIt’s Award Season (Again!)

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Cutting Student Grants Is Dumb

This morning I was listening to the news on RTE radio, as I do most weekday mornings. I was shocked to hear that our “beloved” government is considering slashing  3rd level grants. (Oddly the article I linked to suggests that the grants currently aren’t means tested – they were when I had one) I attended […]

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Life On A Plane?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be “on the road” quite a bit.. Tomorrow morning (early) I fly over to Brussels for the Alliance On Safe Online Pharmacy meeting. I fly back to Dublin in the evening .. and then the following morning I’m off to London for a meeting of the Expert Working Group […]

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Air France Finally Find My Bag

What a saga! I checked my bag in on Tuesday morning in Dublin and expected to pick it up later that day when I arrived in JFK. Of course there was no sign of it .. and to make matters worse Air France didn’t know where it was either. I was in NYC for Tuesday, […]

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Slightly Convoluted Travel

In a couple of weeks time I’ll be heading to Belgrade (Serbia) for the Webfest closing ceremony. I’m also scheduled to chair the Eurid Registrar Advisory Board meeting in Brussels a few days later.. Originally I had planned to go to Belgrade, come back to Ireland for a day or so then head back out. […]

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Yet Another Trip To Montenegro

I’ll be in Montenegro for about 10 days starting Tuesday afternoon.. This time round it’s not for a holiday (boo!). I’ll be speaking at the International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe in Budva next week, while the week after I’m moderating a couple of sessions at Webfest I’m […]

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Taking A Break

I’m on holidays since yesterday evening! I’ll be heading off to Montenegro on Monday for about 10 days. Unfortunately it’ll take me about two days to get there since the connections via Air France are pretty bad. So Monday I fly Dublin to Paris. Tuesday morning (early) I’ll do Paris to Belgrade and then late […]

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