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Buzzwords Are Go In Sunday Business Post

I wasn’t overly impressed with the article in this Sunday’s edition of Computers in Business which harped on about yet another death knell for blogs. You can read my reaction over on the company blog Related Posts:Switching Over to Michele.blogClint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Super Bowl 2012Apple Christmas AdProvocative AdvertisingHonest Advertising

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Apple iPhone Ad Banned in UK

Apple’s marketing team have always like to upsell the virtues of their products, which is only to be expected. What may have come as a surprise to them was when one of their adverts was banned by the UK advertising watchdog for making misleading claims. Full story on the Guardian site Related Posts:Apple Christmas AdClint […]

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Google Local Comes To Ireland

Richard spotted that Google Local has expanded to include Ireland. For any company that has a physical shopfront / presence it’s a nice little feature, though I’m not sure how well it will work for companies that operate almost entirely online. When I was in the US a few weeks ago I found that most […]

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Musical Gorilla?

I don’t like Cadbury’s chocolate that much, apart from Wispas, but their latest tv advert is very good: Related Posts:Honest Marketing Works – and Can Be Amusing!Clint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Super Bowl 2012Apple Christmas AdProvocative AdvertisingWhere To Get Cool T-shirts

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Should we switch to a .com?

For the last few years we’ve been using a .ie domain to promote our business. Since we are now looking at overseas markets a bit more actively we’ve started using  the .eu We didn’t have the .com until yesterday…. So now that we have the .com I’m left in a bit of a quandry Should […]

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Open Ads 2.4 Released

Open Ads 2.4 was released a few days ago. Open Ads, which was previously called PhpAdsNew, is probably the most popular open source adserver available. I’ve been using it for years, though I’ve probably only used a fraction of its features. I’ve decided to start using it to serve ads on some of the blogs […]

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Eva Green – Midnight Poison

Actress Eva Green, who starred in Casino Royale and Kingdom of Heaven, stars in the latest Dior perfume advert: Related Posts:Simply Lovely Polish AdvertHonest AdvertisingCreme Egg MadnessSalesOnline.ie – Worst HTML Coding Of The WeekWaze in Real Life

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