Google Adsense

Weird. There is no other word to describe the type of advertising that keeps on appearing in the Google Ads boxes here. One of the things I wanted to test with this ‘blog’ was the Google Adsense content checking type thingy. (Excuse my English 🙂 ) I wanted to see whether it would serve content […]

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Bayesian Filters

Spammers are now targetting our Bayesian filters. I’ve been doing some research on it, but there isn’t a huge amount that we can do. The only feasible option is to work on implementing more custom rules for the main spam filters and see if that has any effect. Over the last few days there has […]

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I knew that the run up to Christmas was going to be busy. I didn’t expect it to be as much ‘fun’. This afternoon it took on a wholly new element… Needless to say certain elements in the industry were quick to pick up on this and attempted to exploit it. All sounds a little […]

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new abode

I’m really sick of moving around. For the last few years I’ve been jumping from one flat to another, time and time again. After a while the novelty wears off. The first place I lived in while I was in Milan was a classic example. We were all perfectly happy with the flat. It was […]

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Google Madness

Google has gone nuts! There is no other way of explaining it. NUTS!!! MAD!! PR always varies, but search results are usually quite stable. However the latest ‘google dance’ and update has changed all that. Rankings for pages have dropped completely. Why? Supposedly they were trying to stop spammers. Well that failed! Searching for ‘insurance […]

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Working for your own company is an odd experience. At times you lack inspiration and would like to throw in the towel. At other times you find yourself driving yourself forward in way no employer could ever imagine Related Posts:No Related Posts

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I was wandering around Xtravision the other day and was amazed by the amount of crap on the shelves. Has the world gone mad? Hulk seems to be treated as if it were a film of merit, whereas in reality it is pure unadulterated crap. The issue is one of choice versus economics. On the […]

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