The webhosting.info stats are now updated every week or so, which gives it all an interesting twist. We have moved up one whole place!! It’s not that meaningful really, but it is kind of amusing to watch. What I do find interesting is the way we are overtaking some of the old telco offshoots that […]

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Mailman and 42go

I’ve spent a good bit of the evening trying to persuade Mailman that working would be a good idea. Luckily Niall came to my rescue, but I am still confused as to why it decided to stop working. I am not a happy camper!! Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Amazon XML – Cool Tools

I was browsing Hotscripts last night when I came across yet another cool little tool based on Amazon XML. Less than two years ago Amazon gave their XML interface a “soft launch” and the number of tools and scripts you can now get to interface with it is simply overwhelming. There are two plugins installed […]

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The Intelligent Virus

This week we saw the arrival of what could best be described as an “intelligent virus”. Most viruses rely to some degree on social engineering in order to trick the recipient into clicking on the attachment and thus infecting their PC. However, until now at least, most of these viruses were not that convincing. This […]

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Webhosting.info Stats

They have finally upgraded and reworked the backend over at webhosting.info. The previous version of the site was painfully slow to load regardless of your connection speed, while the new one has obviously been optimised. We’re now ranked 19 on the IE toplist, which is nice. Last month was not a very active month for […]

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Growth Rate

According to the latest figures released by WebHosting.info we are now ranked 21st for Ireland. There are a number of flaws with the webhosting.info stats, however, as an extremely rough barometer, it is interesting. John McCormack’s WhoisIreland also provides statistics, which seem to be slightly closer to reality. In either case we are definitely expanding, […]

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MyDoom vs M$ vs Linux

Earlier this week a number of media sources reported on the aftermath of the MyDoom virus. What was quite shocking was the way they handled or, more accurately, mishandled it. Both RTE and BBC attributed the blame to linux / Open Source. If that were not bad enough, one of the commentators on Irish radio […]

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Interesting one this.. I came across an Irish site this evening that is a verbatim copy of another one – or at least very large tranches of it are. I’ve asked a few other people in the industry what they think of this kind of behaviour. Personally I find it abhorent. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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The long Friday

Today was Friday – what a revelation!! Last night we went to the NOC to do some work and install a server for a new client. As was to be expected, we didn’t get back to Carlow until late…. What I was not expecting was the busiest day for the company we’ve had so far. […]

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Useful Software

If I was asked to come up with a list of useful software I’d be hardpushed to give a simple answer. There are so many useful bits of software out there, but maybe they aren’t all that important. I like a lot of the Macromedia products, I just wish they were a bit more affordable. […]

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