Techie Toys

Techies like toys, but I’m never too sure whether I should be classified as a techie or not. I guess I’m not really when I compare myself to some of my peers.. In either case I DO like my techie toys. This year so far has been good to me in that area. Last year […]

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IRC bots

I’ve setup a simple IRC bot on one of our channels on quakenet. The bot accepts certain commands and also stores facts (factoids). I saw a very nice implementation of this kind of bot over on lspace where a lot of the ILUG guys hangout. Our bot is nowhere near as advanced and probably never […]

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Spamhaus have recently launched a new RBL for public use. We’ve been playing with it for the last few days… So far the results have been very good. As it pushed up the spamscore on emails that may have made it though the loop You can get information about the RBLs on their site : […]

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The Voyeurism or Vanity

Diaries are usually highly intimate by their very nature, so where does that leave ‘blogs’? If you think about it from an objective stance there are only two possible conclusions: 1. The writer wants to bare their soul and share their most intimate thoughts with the world 2. The writer filters their deepest darkest thoughts […]

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LOTR – revisited

Madness. There is no other word to describe it. I’ve been on holidays since the 23rd but still haven’t got to see LOTR. I’ve seen all the documentaries etc., but not the film itself. Ah well .. … Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King

After waiting twelve months for its release the third part, which corresponds to the third book in Tolkien’s trilogy, has been released. I knew that the first few days after the release it would be pointless trying to see it in any of the cinemas, but I really want to see it this weekend. I’ve […]

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Google Adsense

Weird. There is no other word to describe the type of advertising that keeps on appearing in the Google Ads boxes here. One of the things I wanted to test with this ‘blog’ was the Google Adsense content checking type thingy. (Excuse my English 🙂 ) I wanted to see whether it would serve content […]

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Bayesian Filters

Spammers are now targetting our Bayesian filters. I’ve been doing some research on it, but there isn’t a huge amount that we can do. The only feasible option is to work on implementing more custom rules for the main spam filters and see if that has any effect. Over the last few days there has […]

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