Apache 2 configuration

This site is now running on Apache 2 on Debian. The last time I used apache 2 it was an early release and the configuration structure and methods was almost identical to the 1.* series. The current version uses similar directives, so implementing vhosts (virtual hosts) has not changed that dramatically, however the actual method […]

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In order to prevent spammers from posting hundreds of comments to this blog I have added an anti-spam check. It’s not configured correctly yet, but at least it stops all the spam stonedead! (It also stops valid comments, but there weren’t that many of them anyway 🙂 ) Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Adsense Updates

Adsense, Google’s adpublishing system for website owners, is constantly being updated. Over the last couple of months they have added support for graphical adverts and even more formats and styles. I’ve been using it to publish adverts on a number of sites, including this one. It may not bring in “piles” of money, but it […]

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Fahrenheit 9/11

Lots of controversy…. It seems that the US won’t be allowing cinemas to show the film directly prior to the US presedentials as it may influence voters. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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I finally watched Scarface last night on DVD. Since Niall moved in with all his DVDs I’ve been working my way steadily through his collection. Pacino’s portrayal of Montana is extremely powerful and the film has aged very well. After watching the film I thought it would be interesting to get some more information off […]

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MailScanner – new install script

Julian released a new installer script for MailScanner this evening for non-rpm based distros. Previously you had to manually copy files into directories, create symlinks etc., etc., as well as worry about having the full set of Perl modules. The new script does away with all that. The tarball includes all the required perl libraries/modules […]

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Mandrake 9.1 on the lap

As I missed running linux on my desktop I finally decided this evening to take the plunge and load it onto my laptop. Hardware used: – Dell Latitude – PIII 850 My experience with this installation was horrendous, but that was more the laptop’s fault than Mandrake’s. I had been given copies of the Mandrake […]

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The joys of email filtering

Once you start offering email filtering people expect it to work 100% of the time and are very unforgiving when they get one or two emails that they shouldn’t have. The biggest issue facing anybody offering professional email filtering is balancing the “spam” vs. “ham” (desired email). A lot of email marketing, albeit desired by […]

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The webhosting.info stats are now updated every week or so, which gives it all an interesting twist. We have moved up one whole place!! It’s not that meaningful really, but it is kind of amusing to watch. What I do find interesting is the way we are overtaking some of the old telco offshoots that […]

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Mailman and 42go

I’ve spent a good bit of the evening trying to persuade Mailman that working would be a good idea. Luckily Niall came to my rescue, but I am still confused as to why it decided to stop working. I am not a happy camper!! Related Posts:No Related Posts

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