Making Some Choices About the Garden

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my back garden is quite spacious

I've got plenty of space in the back garden to do a lot of things. Putting it simply, I have options. For now, however, I really don't know what I want to do. I know that at some point I will need to get a garden shed of some kind, but for now I've no idea how big a shed I want, so I've parked the idea. There are some really interesting solutions on the market, like this "mini-garage" idea, which would help with my "where the hell do I put the bike?" issue.

As for plants and other things..

I have never been that interested in flowers or other plants.Don't get me wrong. I appreciate flowers as much as anyone else, but I have no interest in growing them. I've always been more "practical" ie. if you're growing something it should serve a purpose, so herbs, fruits and vegetables would be the kind of things that I'd be interested in planting and growing.

However with my travel schedule I have to be realistic. A lot of vegetables and fruit need to be tended on a regular basis. You can't just plant them and walk away. If you do they'll probably either shrivel up and die or be devoured by the various things that live outside be they snails, birds or other fauna.

So for now I've got the beginnings of a small herb garden

herb garden

There's plenty of space to add more plants, so that definitely won't be an issue. I'd like to add some basil, mint and maybe a few other herbs that don't need to be babysat.

Maybe planting a couple of apple trees could work out well, though I'm not sure which variety I'd want to grow. I'd be interested in getting some of the traditional Irish varieties possibly. Upside to apple trees being that apart from pruning they're fairly self-sufficient.

The "lawn" at the back is still not a lawn, though it could be soon enough.

After the "taming" of the garden about a week ago the grass is still quite brown, but it is definitely beginning to grow back nice and green.

The front garden does have a rose bush of some kind, that was there before I bought the house. It's also got some rather odd pipes in the ground. I'm not sure what purpose they serve, though exploring that isn't a top priority for now, so I'll just leave them until I get time to do something with them.


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2 Responses to Making Some Choices About the Garden

  1. Bill June 19, 2017 at 8:43 pm #

    Take the time to watch this chap on the youtube and you may gain focus.

    Low maintenance fruit and perennial veg is one way to go.


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