Green Party Backtrack On Twitter

The Irish Green Party have now deleted the tweet I mentioned the other day:

"Eamon Ryan will be on Morning Ireland to discuss, amongst other things, the Bill Cullen tweet. It's gone now, as the tone was inappropriate." (source Twitter)

If it was inappropriate and you recognise it as such, why was it put out there in the first place?

Or is it more a case of throwing inane comments out into cyberspace in the hope that nobody will call you on them?

And of course the tweet isn't "gone", as you can easily find it via twitter search:

Green Party Bill Cullen Insult

Expect much fumbling vagueness from Eamon Ryan on RTE's Morning Ireland. Or maybe they'll actually surprise us all?

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One Response to Green Party Backtrack On Twitter

  1. robert May 11, 2009 at 1:01 am #

    I guess wherever Minister Ryan was over the weekend didn’t have 3G coverage.

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