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Misleading Receipts Make Me Sad

I travel quite a bit for work. Along the way I naturally accumulate a mixture of both personal and business expenses. Of course a lot of my travel is booked via the company and paid for using either a company credit card or via one of our suppliers who invoices us directly. So this kind […]

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Online Shopping Zen (Sort of)

I enjoy shopping online, but it can be quite frustrating to find that some items cost way more in Ireland than they do in the UK, or when a UK site either won’t ship to Ireland or simply charges significantly more to do so. This isn’t a new problem. Anyone who shops online has been […]

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Amazon Italia Now Live!

I’m not sure exactly when the site opened its doors, but Amazon Italia is now open for business. It may not carry the full range of products that the UK or US site carry, but it does carry a good selection of titles.Some of the features that I would use don’t seem to be available […]

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What Startups Need To Realise

This video has been doing the rounds for the last few days. It’s amusing (and a small bit NSFW) but also very realistic. The number of times I’ve seen emails and forum queries from people who think that their idea is original and guaranteed overnight success .. There’s nothing wrong with being confident in your […]

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Ikea Don’t Get The Web

Ikea came to Ireland a few months ago and opened their shop on the outskirts of Dublin city. Lots of people got excited and forgot all about the recession for a few weeks and went “Ikea crazy”. Now Ikea are running adverts on Facebook. You’d be mistaken for thinking, like I did, that they “got […]

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Adwords Fail

If you’re going to spend money on PPC advertising you really need to make sure that your website is working for you: The site I decided to check obviously won’t deliver anything for me: What a waste of advertising spend! And of course this isn’t an isolated incident – if you spend enough time looking […]

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