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Disabling Push Email in Outlook on iOS

The mobile version of Outlook for iOS (iPhone, iPad) is very usable. In particular I like the way that when you’re creating a meeting or appointment that you can look up the location and pull in the full address. However for some odd reason updates to the software seem to change the settings. While some […]

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Alphabet For Geeks

When I was a child I had a book called “A is for Apple” which went through the alphabet with each letter being associated with a thing. I think my sister inherited it. The 2012 version of it might end up with something like this: No idea where this came from originally, but someone shared […]

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Aer Lingus iPhone App

I’m flying to Brussels tomorrow morning with Aer Lingus. If I was flying with any other airline I’d probably have checked in online by now, but Aer Lingus’ online checkin system is horrible. So I thought I’d try out their iPhone app to see if it was any better. It’s not. It’s almost worse. To […]

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OSX Mountain Lion Is Here!

Earlier today Apple released OSX Mountain Lion. So far I’ve installed it on my work desktop, but haven’t had a chance to explore it yet – I left it trying to upgrade my mail .. which will probably take a while.. the downside to not having SSD drives At home I’m still trying to download […]

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Audio Dedication To Jobs

This is doing the rounds on Youtube at the moment and it’s pretty good – only Apple sounds and the voice of Steve Jobs were used in its creation: Related articles A dedication to Steve Jobs, using only Mac Sounds (thenextweb.com) Related Posts:Apple’s 1984 Ridley Scott AdvertAlphabet For GeeksOSX Mountain Lion Is Here!Which Noise Cancelling […]

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iPhone Pinball Machine

I can’t remember who sent me a link to this, but it’s very cool: It’s a combination of a hardware accessory that you slot your iPhone into and an iPhone app. I’ve no idea how it works, but the video (above) looks really cool. Related Posts:Disabling Push Email in Outlook on iOSAlphabet For GeeksAer Lingus […]

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