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Alphabet For Geeks

When I was a child I had a book called “A is for Apple” which went through the alphabet with each letter being associated with a thing. I think my sister inherited it. The 2012 version of it might end up with something like this: No idea where this came from originally, but someone shared […]

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Aer Lingus iPhone App

I’m flying to Brussels tomorrow morning with Aer Lingus. If I was flying with any other airline I’d probably have checked in online by now, but Aer Lingus’ online checkin system is horrible. So I thought I’d try out their iPhone app to see if it was any better. It’s not. It’s almost worse. To […]

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OSX Mountain Lion Is Here!

Earlier today Apple released OSX Mountain Lion. So far I’ve installed it on my work desktop, but haven’t had a chance to explore it yet – I left it trying to upgrade my mail .. which will probably take a while.. the downside to not having SSD drives At home I’m still trying to download […]

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Audio Dedication To Jobs

This is doing the rounds on Youtube at the moment and it’s pretty good – only Apple sounds and the voice of Steve Jobs were used in its creation: Related articles A dedication to Steve Jobs, using only Mac Sounds (thenextweb.com) Related Posts:Apple’s 1984 Ridley Scott AdvertAlphabet For GeeksOSX Mountain Lion Is Here!Which Noise Cancelling […]

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iPhone Pinball Machine

I can’t remember who sent me a link to this, but it’s very cool: It’s a combination of a hardware accessory that you slot your iPhone into and an iPhone app. I’ve no idea how it works, but the video (above) looks really cool. Related Posts:Alphabet For GeeksAer Lingus iPhone AppOSX Mountain Lion Is Here!Which […]

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Big Bang Theory iPhone Case

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan you’ll remember their version of “rock, paper, scissors”…. So now we’ve got the iPhone case to go with it: More info here Related Posts:The Internet Really is Full of CatsFinally Cutting the CordCentral PerkAlphabet For GeeksAer Lingus iPhone App

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