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Vint Cerf IPv6 poster

IPv6 In Ireland 2015 Edition

I’ve been running IPv6 via a Sixxs tunnel at home for several years. When I first set it up I was using an old LinkSys with alternative firmware. It worked, but it had a tendency to break randomly. After a couple of years I got a FritzBox! which “just works”. Over the years the number […]

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IPv6 In Ireland

I Want You To Use IPv6, a photo by blacknight on Flickr. IPv6 day came and went and still none of the major commercial ISPs are offering IPv6. None of the Irish government websites are available over IPv6 and only a tiny number of sites are dualstacked. Successive Irish governments have harped on about the […]

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Labour Overlook A Basic Issue

Politicians and political parties love to throw around buzzwords. In Ireland we have got used to terms like: “digital economy” “knowledge economy” and, of course, “celtic tiger”. Labour have released a document with the rather pretentious title of “Plan for Digital Ireland”. Download it. Read it and try not to spill too much coffee all […]

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ThePirateBay Eircom and IRMA

The frontpage of The Pirate Bay currently has this graphic: and is happily promoting a service to help Eircom users anonymise their internet usage. In case you’re wondering why… Eircom, one of Ireland’s largest ISPs, has announced that they will start cutting off filesharers using a “3 strikes” system in conjunction with IRMA. Due process? […]

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