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So Now We Have A Dragon

Bert – Year of the Dragon cloud hosting, a photo by blacknight on Flickr. James and I toss ideas back and forth about images and designs to use with blog posts, promotions, newsletters etc., Today’s little invention is one of my favourites this year (ok the year is young, but hey !) There’s probably a […]

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Cloud Hosting Without The Fluff

We finally launched a cloud hosting solution yesterday afternoon… Lots of more stuff in the pipeline, but this *should* prove to be interesting Press release here and blog post here Related articles No Fluff Cloud Hosting Is Here (blacknight.com) Related Posts:The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – Blacknight To Open Data Centre In CarlowPlaying […]

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Getting Irish Business Online

I’m delighted that we (Blacknight) are involved in a wonderful initiative to get Irish business online. More info on the site and on the company blog Related Posts:Irish Retailers Don’t Get The WebPre-ordering Personal IE DomainsThe .Irish Domain Is Now Available#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!Register365 No Longer Irish

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Playing With Lifestreams and SweetCron

A few months ago Stewart mentioned Sweetcron as a “lifestream” solution (You can see his here). A “lifestream” basically acts as an aggregator of all your online activities, as many of the online services that people use, such as Twitter, Flickr etc., publish your activity via RSS. I’d already been experimenting with Movable Type’s Motion, […]

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Off To Germany

I’m heading off to Germany in the morning to attend WebHostingDay (bit of a misnomer, as it runs over 3 days) It looks like there will be quite a few people going that I know from ICANN meetings, so it will be a good chance to meetup and catchup (aka drink beers ) If anyone […]

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Unlimited Hosting Is For Fairies

Image via Wikipedia Do you believe in fairies? Do you think they live down the bottom of your garden? If you do, then you might believe the “unlimited hosting” offer in this month’s PC Live! magazine Until someone gets round to inventing an unlimited hard drive it is pretty much impossible to offer unlimited disk […]

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