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Amazon Finally Launches Prime Delivery in Ireland

After what seems to be aeons of Amazon treating Ireland like a second class citizen they’re finally launching “Amazon Prime” in the Irish market. In an email I got earlier today they’re announcing “unlimited two-day delivery” with Amazon Prime to Irish addresses. It’s not very clear how they decide which items qualify for the free […]

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Online Shopping Zen (Sort of)

I enjoy shopping online, but it can be quite frustrating to find that some items cost way more in Ireland than they do in the UK, or when a UK site either won’t ship to Ireland or simply charges significantly more to do so. This isn’t a new problem. Anyone who shops online has been […]

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Amazon Advertising Services It Won’t Sell Me

I’m not sure if I should report this to the Advertising Standards Authority or not, but it’s annoying me enough that I am seriously tempted .. Amazon recently launched a new TV series that has been getting very positive reviews “The Man in the High Castle”. At the moment the only way to view it legally […]

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Amazon Italia Now Live!

I’m not sure exactly when the site opened its doors, but Amazon Italia is now open for business. It may not carry the full range of products that the UK or US site carry, but it does carry a good selection of titles.Some of the features that I would use don’t seem to be available […]

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Amazon Free Shipping To Ireland Is Live

I mentioned the introduction of free shipping to Ireland yesterday. At the time it didn’t appear to be available and the article in The Irish Times hadn’t specified when it would be .. This morning I can confirm that it is live and available. I placed an order a few minutes ago for over £25 […]

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Amazon To Introduce Free Shipping To Ireland

Seemingly Amazon UK has finally “seen the light” and is planning on introducing free shipping to Ireland for purchases over £25. There’s more coverage in The Irish Times, but it’s not exactly clear WHEN they are going to start offering this. (They obviously aren’t today) Related Posts:Amazon Free Shipping To Ireland Is LiveAmazon Finally Launches […]

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Amazon Outdo Themselves

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Since I live in Ireland I’m used to waiting several days (or longer) for my Amazon orders. It’s not an issue. Yesterday morning I ordered a few DVDs, but since some of them weren’t due out for another week or so I wasn’t expecting to receive anything immediately. So I […]

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Amazon Cashing In On Green

It looks like Amazon is jumping on the Green bandwagon as well… I don’t blame them. If I could push the “green” aspects of our new hosting solution more and it led to sales I would without hesitation. Related articles by Zemanta Can Crusher The green gauge Survey: Are You Tired of “Going Green”? Related […]

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