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AIB Irony

AIB is one of Ireland’s largest banks. I use it for my personal banking, while the company also uses them for pretty much everything. I’ve had my issues with them in the past. Most recently their rather “nutty” handling of phone calls has really peeved me. You can read more about this here. Short version […]

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Mitnick Bio – A Fascinating Read

I’ve just finished reading Kevin Mitnick’s biography – Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker While it might be a biography it reads like a thriller. Mitnick was a hacker, but he broke into systems out of curiosity – not to make money or do harm. The book covers his […]

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traffic levels growing

Traffic Levels Returning After A Fix

It’s been a week since I fixed the issue on a site that had been infected by some malware. As I mentioned in my previous post, the malware was stealing the site’s search engine traffic. And the graphs show very clearly how things have improved in only a few days: And if you look at […]

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Alexa clickstream - downstream sites

Nasty Hacks Hijack Your Site’s Traffic

Any popular content management system, be it for a blog, a website or a forum, is going to be targetted by hackers at some point. They’ll try to find ways to exploit any security vulnerability that they can find. To be honest you could expand that statement and simply say “any popular software”. If the […]

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TimThumb Updated To Version 2

Just a headsup if you’re using a theme that uses TimThumb. Due to all the security issues with the plugin / script (it’s a single file) the developers issued a number of updates over the last few days which culminated in the release of version 2. You should also update the file in any themes […]

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