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Microsoft localised message in Irish language

Microsoft Localisation Fun

Microsoft like a lot of software companies offers localised versions of their software and services. So as a user you can choose which language you want to use in their applications and interfaces. I usually use English for most software I have running across my devices, though I do have multiple language keyboards setup on […]

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Outlook On iOS

The mail app that ships with iOS is pretty good. It does what I need ie. let’s me read, reply and write emails quickly while I’m “on the move” or simply not near a bigger device. Admittedly, like with so many other people, that’s happening more and more. Yes, I still have desktop computers (yes, […]

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Apple iTunes DRM Frustrations

Apple recently started offering film rentals and purchases to Irish users via iTunes. For some reason they haven’t started offering TV shows yet, though I suspect that’s down to licensing problems (as usual!) Last night I thought I’d try out the service, so I rented a film for a couple of Euro. Since my mac […]

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Microsoft To Offer Users Choice Of Browser

Image via CrunchBase If you’ve been following the EU vs. Microsoft over the last few years this latest titbit should interest you. From the beginning of March 2010 (ie. tomorrow) Microsoft will be rolling out a new update to its users which will give them a choice of browser. While users have always been able […]

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Bing + Twitter Combined

Bing is the “new kid” when it comes to search engines. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t used it much, partially because I’m happy enough with Google and partially because Bing keeps getting confused about my location. (Some of the time it think I’m in the UK, other times it knows I’m […]

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More Browser Support Annoyances

I generally don’t use Windows on either of my desktops or my laptop. I normally use Mac OSX or Ubuntu Linux, so this kind of message is not only annoying, but kind of pointless: I wouldn’t mind so much, but as far as I can see you don’t need anything special once you’re actually logged […]

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