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frustrated and exhausted man

Mod_Rewrite Help Needed!!

As I mentioned yesterday I switched this blog over from michele.me to michele.blog. And a BIG thanks is owed to Don and Paolo from the .blog team for helping me get that domain in the first place! The michele.me domain will be used for “other things” in the future, so I am splitting the blog […]

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WordCamp Europe Day 1

James and I are in Leiden this weekend for WordCamp Europe. Since James has been taking lots and lots of photos he’ll hopefully post something on the company blog 🙂 The variety and quality of the sessions so far has been excellent and it’s been really enjoyable so far. Highlight of the day so far […]

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Posterous Dies – Posts Imported

With Posterous being shut down – supposedly yesterday – I have imported all the posts from my Posterous account into this site. You won’t notice the posts unless you peruse the archives, but they’re there .. They also look a bit odd, but I thought it best to preserve them somehow.. even if it did […]

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Alexa clickstream - downstream sites

Nasty Hacks Hijack Your Site’s Traffic

Any popular content management system, be it for a blog, a website or a forum, is going to be targetted by hackers at some point. They’ll try to find ways to exploit any security vulnerability that they can find. To be honest you could expand that statement and simply say “any popular software”. If the […]

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Irish technical jobs listings

Technicaljobs.ie Revamped

I’ve been running technicaljobs.ie for the last couple of years on jobberbase. It’s nice software, but it’s not as feature rich as I’d like and dealing with spammy submissions is awkward. So I recently made the switch to using jobroller and gave the site a bit of a facelift. The site’s now running WordPress with […]

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