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The Internet Really is Full of Cats

The last few months my day job has been filled with GDPR related “stuff”. While I enjoy what I do I’ve been buried in paperwork, so a bit of pure escapism and something that brings a smile to my face is always welcome. Cats can do that. This video from the 2018 America’s Got Talent […]

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2017 Flights Animated (Video)

I logged quite a few flights during 2017, though less than other years. I posted a static image of my flights during 2017 recently, so here’s a slightly more interested animated version from App in the Air: It looks pretty cool and seems to be in the right order, which is both cool and kind […]

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Simply Lovely Polish Advert

Some adverts are simply beautiful. This is one of those adverts, and no, you don’t need to speak Polish to understand it: Enjoy! Related Posts:Embedding Youtube Videos With Captions Turned OnHonest AdvertisingCreme Egg MadnessSalesOnline.ie – Worst HTML Coding Of The WeekEva Green – Midnight Poison

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Amazon Advertising Services It Won’t Sell Me

I’m not sure if I should report this to the Advertising Standards Authority or not, but it’s annoying me enough that I am seriously tempted .. Amazon recently launched a new TV series that has been getting very positive reviews “The Man in the High Castle”. At the moment the only way to view it legally […]

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Gary Vaynerchuk At Web Summit

I was only at Web Summit for one day this year – long boring story, but I was delighted to see this keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk: Via Related Posts:JabbingSocial Media Awards Tonight!The Internet Really is Full of Cats2017 Flights Animated (Video)Video: Some More Drone Flying Around Co. Carlow

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