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Andy Serkis Reprises Gollum in Theresa May Parody

Andy Serkis has brought back his version of Gollum in a rather disturbing, yet highly entertaining, parody video of Theresa May. Of course it’s all about Brexit and the “deal” which the UK parliament was meant to be voting on this week.  Here it is: Love it!  Related Posts:Waze in Real LifeAretha Franklin in Blues […]

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Waze in Real Life

Waze, which is now owned by Google, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a mobile app that many drivers use to find their way around. Their tag line is “outsmarting traffic, together” So what if instead of leveraging data the app was actually manned by humans .. this rather amusing Brazilian video shows how […]

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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin in Blues Brothers

Probably the best way to remember Aretha Franklin is with her music. Here she is doing a fantastic rendition of “Think” in the classic film “Blues Brothers” She might be gone, but her music will live on. Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamBeardyman SuperMarketMuppets Revive Queen?A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?

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The Internet Really is Full of Cats

The last few months my day job has been filled with GDPR related “stuff”. While I enjoy what I do I’ve been buried in paperwork, so a bit of pure escapism and something that brings a smile to my face is always welcome. Cats can do that. This video from the 2018 America’s Got Talent […]

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2017 Flights Animated (Video)

I logged quite a few flights during 2017, though less than other years. I posted a static image of my flights during 2017 recently, so here’s a slightly more interested animated version from App in the Air: It looks pretty cool and seems to be in the right order, which is both cool and kind […]

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Simply Lovely Polish Advert

Some adverts are simply beautiful. This is one of those adverts, and no, you don’t need to speak Polish to understand it: Enjoy! Related Posts:Embedding Youtube Videos With Captions Turned OnHonest AdvertisingCreme Egg MadnessSalesOnline.ie – Worst HTML Coding Of The WeekEva Green – Midnight Poison

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Amazon Advertising Services It Won’t Sell Me

I’m not sure if I should report this to the Advertising Standards Authority or not, but it’s annoying me enough that I am seriously tempted .. Amazon recently launched a new TV series that has been getting very positive reviews “The Man in the High Castle”. At the moment the only way to view it legally […]

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