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mellow birds

Mellow Birds

Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve probably heard of “Angry Birds” at this stage.. Meet “Mellow Birds”: And you can get the t-shirt here! (I’ll be ordering mine later today I think) Related Posts:More Fun Social Media TshirtsSocial Media TshirtWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsLast Exit To Nowhere SalePrancing Pony Tshirt

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Where To Get Cool T-shirts

I buy a lot of t-shirts from a lot of different online sources. Some of the tshirts are probably a small bit offensive, so you have been warned 🙂 T-Shirt Hell – some of these designs are very clever, some are simply offensive. Some of the cultural references don’t make any sense to me, but […]

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Last Exit To Nowhere Sale

I’ve bought a few tshirts from Last Exit To Nowhere in the past.. The designs are very cool, so their sale caught my eye. Worth checking out if you are film buff and into tshirts. Related Posts:Mellow BirdsWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsMore Fun Social Media TshirtsPrancing Pony TshirtAnother Funny Twitter Tshirt

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More Fun Social Media Tshirts

Despair have released a new social media inspired tshirt and updated one of their existing designs. Both tshirt designs are obviously influenced by FourSquare, so here they are: And the updated social media Venn diagram … More info on their site – and yes, I ordered both already! Related Posts:More Despair.com TshirtsMellow BirdsPolitically Incorrect Tshirt […]

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Prancing Pony Tshirt

Spotted this on the Warner Brothers’ merchandise site: Very cool if, like me, you like slightly quirky film tshirts Related Posts:IMDB’s Cool 404 PageMellow BirdsWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsLast Exit To Nowhere SaleAnother Funny Twitter Tshirt

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Another Funny Twitter Tshirt

Some of the tshirts that have been inspired by Twitter are only mildly amusing. Others, like this one from Despair, are genuinely funny: I ordered one for myself this morning! Related Posts:More Twitter TshirtsSocial Media TshirtTshirt For Twitter FanaticsCool Government TshirtOffensive Tshirt of the Week

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Offensive Tshirt of the Week

Sorry for the lack of tshirt posts recently .. It must be the weather! Anyway this one from Tshirt Hell caught my eye this morning: Though it only really “kicks in” when you look at it closeup (click to enlarge): It’s probably a bit offensive for some people, but it did make me laugh! Plenty […]

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Getting Friends With Flowcharts

Over the last couple of weeks several people suggested that I watch “The Big Bang Theory”, which is an American comedy (if you, like me, weren’t aware). I finally succumbed and “gave it a go” and am now totally hooked. One of the shows main characters, Sheldon, seems to get some of the best and […]

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Risque Facebook Tshirt

I am a big fan of funny tshirts. It’s not a secret. Some of the tshirt captions and graphics that people come up with are sheer genius. One of the latest ones from Tshirt Hell is a quite playful, yet risque, Facebook influenced one: Grab it here Related Posts:More Fun Social Media TshirtsThe Irony Of […]

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