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I’ll be reading Gary Vee’s new book over the next few days. I ordered it months ago so I’ve been looking forward to it .. Related Posts:Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterFood Porn Withdrawal?Gary Vaynerchuk At Web SummitSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via Intel

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XKCD's ContextBot comic

If Social Media Updates Had Context

Sometimes people, including me, post things on social networks that don’t make a lot of sense as they lack context. XKCD’s recent comic:   Related Posts:Will Google+ (Plus) Finally Be Google’s Social Media Success Story?Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and TwitterSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via IntelBuffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets […]

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What About Me? Visualisation generated by Intel

Visualising Social Via Intel

Intel have done a few interesting things with social media in the past. One of their tools does an interesting job of sucking in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and generating a visualisation or infographic of your personal social media activity. Whether it’s a reflection of you or not will probably depend on how much you […]

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mellow birds

Mellow Birds

Unless you’ve been under a rock you’ve probably heard of “Angry Birds” at this stage.. Meet “Mellow Birds”: And you can get the t-shirt here! (I’ll be ordering mine later today I think) Related Posts:More Fun Social Media TshirtsSocial Media TshirtWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsLast Exit To Nowhere SalePrancing Pony Tshirt

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Fun Tshirts – Again

I’m always on the prowl for new, interesting, amusing or cool tshirts. Some sites sell pretty amusing tshirts, but they don’t update their designs that often, so you can easily end up having bought all the designs you’re ever likely to. Shot Dead In The Head fortunately isn’t like that and refresh their designs quite […]

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Buffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets Easy

There are a lot of services and tools that you can use with your Twitter account(s). Some of them are incredibly useful, some are fun and some are simply odd. Buffer App isn’t designed to solve all your social media needs, but what it is designed to do, it does well. What does it do? […]

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