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OSX Essential Apps – 2018 Edition

For the last few years I’ve been a Mac user and I’ve had a variety of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Years ago the MacBook Pro was a wonderful device, but it was bloody heavy. Lugging a MacBook Pro around meant that you got a bit of a workout, so I switched to the Air. […]

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OSX on a Macbook air

OSX Essential Apps 2015 – 2016 Edition

I recently had to setup a new Macbook from scratch, so it got me thinking about which apps are “essential”. While a Mac is “usable” straight out of the box, you’ll find yourself installing extra software pretty quickly 🙂 Obviously what you consider essential is going to vary a lot on how you work with […]

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Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of Sanity

For several years I had a HP laserjet printer. It was functional. It printed stuff when I needed it, but, unfortunately, whatever drivers it needed did not “play nice” with my Mac and eventually I had to retire it. I mentioned my printer dilemma to a friend a couple of months ago and he suggested a […]

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Which Mac OSX Antivirus?

While Macs are a lot less likely to get targetted by viruses there are still some viruses “in the wild” that target them. So which antivirus software should I be using? Which is the best? Which is the worst? Why is one better (or worse) than another? I’m not concerned about costs, but I am […]

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MacHeist 3 – Only 3 Days Left

There are only 3 days left to grab a nice collection of Mac OSX software courtesy of MacHeist. The more people who buy, the more software they include in the bundle! 25% of all sales goes to charity, so not only do you save money, but you also help others in the process Related Posts:Free […]

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Free Mac Software From MacHeist

MacHeist are offering a bunch of software for Mac users over the Christmas period. Pretty cool! Related Posts:WYSIWYG Editors for OSX?Microsoft Office 2008 On The MacSilverlight Leaves Linux Users Out In The ColdOSX Essential Apps – 2018 EditionMacHeist 3 – Only 3 Days Left

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WYSIWYG Editors for OSX?

While I may be happy enough doing some quick editing of a php or html document in vim (or equivalent) I miss having access to software like Dreamweaver (the license was for a really old version). I don’t think I can justify paying Adobe’s prices for a new Dreamweaver license, so what are my options?Ideally […]

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

As a newcomer to the Mac (or returning to one if you include my experiences with them in the 80s and 90s) I haven’t had time to really explore some of the basic things. Silly little actions that come naturally when using my Linux or Windows machines cause me minor headaches, as I don’t know […]

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Microsoft Office 2008 On The Mac

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I recently made the “move” from Windows XP Pro to Mac OSX for my office desktop. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro laptop for several months. For my MacBook Pro I didn’t envisage doing huge amounts of word processing etc., so I couldn’t justify the expense of a […]

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