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Time’s Top Music Tracks of 2013

I’m still working my way through the last couple of Time magazines of 2013 (dead tree versions). Their review of 2013 in music focussed on the albums of the year, but also included a nice little list of “best songs” of the year.. So I created a Spotify playlist: Related Posts:Binge Watching Netflix’s Santa Clarita […]

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Agricantus Amatevi

Sicilian group Agricantus’ Amatevi is a wonderful track. I love their sound Related Posts:La Bella Sicilia! [Video]Amazon Italia Now Live!Time’s Top Music Tracks of 2013Digital Music via iTunes vs. Physical CDsReliving the 90s In Germany

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Reliving the 90s In Germany

Remember Snap! ? They were huge in the early 1990s, but then seem to have vanished .. Well they’re still around .. I saw them last week in Germany: and Related Posts:Moby With Heather GrahamBeardyman SuperMarketMuppets Revive Queen?A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?The Internet Really is Full of Cats

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Cadbury’s Gorilla – Extended Version

Remember the Cadbury’s ad featuring the gorilla from a couple of years ago? The original version wasn’t long enough for some people: So if you like Phil Collins with a gorilla playing the drums you can now enjoy a full 4 minutes 28 seconds of it! Related Posts:Mayan style hot chocolateTime’s Top Music Tracks of […]

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Inside the Reactor – Juno Reactor

I took delivery of Juno Reactor’s latest album today and it is truly fantastic. This isn’t an album of new material but instead it’s remixes – one or two by Juno Reactor, but most by other artists. It might not be to everybody’s taste but I love it!   Related Posts:Time’s Top Music Tracks of […]

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Moby With Heather Graham

Moby’s new album will be released this week. The first single from the album “The Day” has a pretty cool (and rather weird) video featuring Heather Graham. Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyBeardyman SuperMarketMuppets Revive Queen?A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?The Internet Really is Full of Cats

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Amazon Italia Now Live!

I’m not sure exactly when the site opened its doors, but Amazon Italia is now open for business. It may not carry the full range of products that the UK or US site carry, but it does carry a good selection of titles.Some of the features that I would use don’t seem to be available […]

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Visualising Music With Last.fm

I listen to music on my desktop machines and share the data with Last.fm. I also pay for the Last.fm subscriber service, as it allows me to find new and interesting music to listen to. The amount of data that Last.fm have about music is truly astounding and you can do some pretty interesting things […]

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Beardyman SuperMarket

I don’t watch The Late Late that often, but I’m glad I watched it last night. Beardyman is truly incredible. Beardyman is an amazing beatboxer, so if you like music you will love him! Here’s a video of him doing his thing in a supermarket: Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamMuppets Revive […]

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