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Fixing Permalinks With Mod_Rewrite

I’ve posted a couple of times about the migration from MovableType to WordPress (and all the other moves that preceded it). One of the things I discovered via the “Redirection” logs was that I was losing quite a bit of traffic due to some “anomalies” and differences between how the permalinks are currently set and […]

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Site Revamp (Sort Of)

Due to the lack of ongoing support with MovableType I’ve decided to move this site back to using WordPress as it’s backend. As I said elsewhere earlier today, I’m still not 100% convinced about WordPress’ security etc., but it is being actively developed, which is more than can be said for MovableType. Moving from MovableType […]

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Movable Type To WordPress Permalink Oddness

For some bizarre reason the WordPress importer changes the post names from “thing-other-thing” to “thing_other_thing” ie. replacing the dash with an underscore. The simplest way to fix it is to run a bit of SQL directly on the database: update wp_posts set post_name = replace(post_name,’_’,’-‘); Thanks to the person who provided the solution here Related […]

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Playing With Movable Type Motion

Six Apart launched Motion last night (Irish time), so I setup a test install to play with it. If anyone wants to play around register for an account on the site and let me know – I may have to give you author rights I’m currently using the default templates that ship with the release, […]

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Post-Upgrade Oddities

I upgraded this site’s backend, Movable Type, to the latest version earlier today. While the upgrade itself went pretty well there seem to be some really odd issues affecting this site. All the other sites running of this MT install are behaving fine, but this one is having issues with templates.I’m currently trying to work […]

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MovableType Developer With A Sense of Humour – WordPress For Movable Type!

Mark Carey is one of the more active MovableType plugin developers. Some of his plugin have to be simply categorised as “cool”. There’s no other word that sums them up aptly, though I’m sure you could find plenty if you tried. His latest plugin release is a stroke of genius – WordPress Interface for Movable […]

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