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American Chopper Meets GDPR

There’s quite a few memes doing the rounds about the insane volume of emails from companies and services in relation to GDPR. This, however, is one of the more entertaining and pretty much sums up how a lot of people feel:   GDPR at American Chopper   Related Posts:Things to do on Valentine’s Day if […]

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12 Days of Christmas an Irish Comedian’s Take

Irish comedian and actor Frank Kelly, who passed away last year, is probably best known to some people for his role of Father Jack in Father Ted. His version of the 12 Days of Christmas”, below, is hilarious and a classic. Related Posts:Funny Recession Christmas TshirtThe Irony Of EducationPolitically Incorrect Tshirt of the DayWeetabix AdvertGoogle’s […]

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Dilbert Tech Support

Today’s Dilbert struck a chord: (original here)   Related Posts:Yet Another Funny TshirtInnovation Isn’t Always A Good IdeaGprs on the cheapAmerican Chopper Meets GDPRThings to do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single (the 2018 Edition)

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No Pants Pants

The marketing team for Puss In Boots have come up with some pretty clever stuff. This short video is hilarious – sorry if you’ve already seen it, but it always brings a smile to my face: Related Posts:Procrastination – A Short FilmAmerican Chopper Meets GDPRThings to do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single (the 2018 […]

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Where To Get Cool T-shirts

I buy a lot of t-shirts from a lot of different online sources. Some of the tshirts are probably a small bit offensive, so you have been warned 🙂 T-Shirt Hell – some of these designs are very clever, some are simply offensive. Some of the cultural references don’t make any sense to me, but […]

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The Irony Of Education

While this video is amusing, the irony of it shouldn’t be lost: (In case the video gets removed .. Lisa Simpson meets Zuckerberg who is a college drop out. He points to other college drop outs such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson. The only person who isn’t a college drop out is a cleaner..) […]

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Politically Incorrect Tshirt of the Day

I spotted this while browsing ThinkGeek earlier: Nothing like a little bit of FourSquare humour on a Friday ! Related Posts:More Fun Social Media TshirtsFunny Recession Christmas TshirtTshirt For Twitter FanaticsTradition and Stupidity12 Days of Christmas an Irish Comedian’s Take

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Yet Another Funny Tshirt

Spotted this earlier: Simple. Genius.And they probably hate it (unless they have a sense of humour .. ) More of them over here Related Posts:Google’s Answer To PrivacyMore Twitter TshirtsCool Government TshirtMore Despair.com TshirtsWhy Bother Reading Harry Potter…

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