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No Pants Pants

The marketing team for Puss In Boots have come up with some pretty clever stuff. This short video is hilarious – sorry if you’ve already seen it, but it always brings a smile to my face: Related Posts:Procrastination – A Short FilmDealing With Cold CallersDilbert Tech SupportSinging HedgehogsWhere To Get Cool T-shirts

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Where To Get Cool T-shirts

I buy a lot of t-shirts from a lot of different online sources. Some of the tshirts are probably a small bit offensive, so you have been warned 🙂 T-Shirt Hell – some of these designs are very clever, some are simply offensive. Some of the cultural references don’t make any sense to me, but […]

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The Irony Of Education

While this video is amusing, the irony of it shouldn’t be lost: (In case the video gets removed .. Lisa Simpson meets Zuckerberg who is a college drop out. He points to other college drop outs such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson. The only person who isn’t a college drop out is a cleaner..) […]

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Yet Another Funny Tshirt

Spotted this earlier: Simple. Genius.And they probably hate it (unless they have a sense of humour .. ) More of them over here Related Posts:Google’s Answer To PrivacyMore Twitter TshirtsCool Government TshirtMore Despair.com TshirtsWhy Bother Reading Harry Potter…

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Sound Familiar?

Someone posted a link to this earlier this morning and it definitely struck a chord Related Posts:Dealing With Cold CallersInnovation Isn’t Always A Good Idea#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeOur New Data Centre Opens Monday

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Funny Recession Christmas Tshirt

Yes – I am a Despair fan This new tshirt they’ve just released for Christmas is brilliant: Grab it here Related Posts:Politically Incorrect Tshirt of the DayTshirt For Twitter FanaticsTradition and StupidityThe Irony Of EducationMore Fun Social Media Tshirts

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