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Crazy Jaw Dropping Pricing on IE Domains

Finally, after years of having convoluted rules and processes, the .ie ccTLD domain name space will become easier to work with. From March 21st onwards it’ll be WAY easier to register a .ie domain name So with that in mind we’re slashing the price of 1st year .ie registration (and transfers!) to a mere €4.99 […]

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Switching Over to Michele.blog

As of today this blog has a new web address: michele.blog I’m delighted to have been able to get this domain and excited to be switching over to it. For the past 13+ years I’ve been blogging under /blog on a number of different domains. I started out with mneylon.com, but several years ago I […]

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A Very Practical Marketing Gizmo

When I first started attending conferences I used to pickup a lot of marketing “tat” from the various vendors exhibiting. Over time you realise that you really don’t need to have most of this junk in your life. I really don’t need 20 backpacks, 15 water bottles, 500 pens or 100 notebooks. So these days […]

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Even When I Try To Escape From Work ..

This year I probably won’t take a “proper” holiday. I’m more likely to take a few short “semi-holidays” either alone or with friends or family. The first one of these breaks was to Lisbon. And it was meant to be a holiday .. but could I escape work? Well not entirely: Yes, that’s the .pt […]

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So Now We Have A Dragon

Bert – Year of the Dragon cloud hosting, a photo by blacknight on Flickr. James and I toss ideas back and forth about images and designs to use with blog posts, promotions, newsletters etc., Today’s little invention is one of my favourites this year (ok the year is young, but hey !) There’s probably a […]

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More Domain Offers

We have got some nice offers at the moment and plan to add more .. Biggest one this month is .co domain names for only €13.99 / year ex-VAT (I got neylon.co  🙂 ) More details here Related Posts:Latest Silly Marketing IdeaA Pre-Christmas GiftAnother Silly Domain OfferCrazy Jaw Dropping Pricing on IE DomainsSwitching Over to […]

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