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Rebooting IrishBlogs.com

I’ve had the domain irishblogs.com for over a decade, since 2004 to be precise. It was, up until very recently, a rather rudimentary link directory. When I first put the site online I used to spend time and energy looking after it, along with many of the other sites I was running at the time. […]

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Posterous Dies – Posts Imported

With Posterous being shut down – supposedly yesterday – I have imported all the posts from my Posterous account into this site. You won’t notice the posts unless you peruse the archives, but they’re there .. They also look a bit odd, but I thought it best to preserve them somehow.. even if it did […]

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Netflix Advertise On A Critical Post

Netflix Advertise On A Critical Post

I posted earlier today about my initial experiences with Netflix in Ireland. It’s now showing these ads: Related Posts:French Cinema Chain Uses Clever Editing in AdvertisingJim Jefferies : This is me nowBinge Watching Netflix’s Santa Clarita DietChoices, Choices, ChoicesFinally Cutting the Cord

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Defining A Blog Comment Policy

One of the things I’ve always loved about blogs and blogging is the discussion and debates that go on in the comments section. While it can be a bit daunting to keep up with some blogs’ comments due to the sheer volume that isn’t an issue I normally have to deal with.. though it wouldn’t […]

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Another Blog Experiment

I used to post here quite regularly, but over the last while the frequency of my posts has dropped. I am posting random stuff to Twitter / Facebook or just bookmarking it, so I decided to shove up a small little blog just for that So if you want random short bursts check out my […]

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Valentine’s Blog Competition

The people behind FlowersMadeEasy are running a Valentine’s Day competition. If you blog about your “better half” (or the one you would like to be your better half ..) then you could win a nice little prize: 12 red roses bottle of champagne box of Butlers’ chocolates Full details on their blog Related Posts:Rebooting IrishBlogs.comIrish […]

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Pet Hates – Newsletter Popups on Blogs

While I can understand that bloggers want to encourage people to subscribe to their RSS feed OR email newsletter, do they have to annoy us with popups? A lot of bloggers seem to have adopted a really annoying popup system that loads EVERY single time you visit their blog. Every time. Haven’t they heard of […]

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